P15 and WG progress

25 Nov 2019

Hi all
Some quick updates:
1. Freyja Van Den Boom

agreed to chair the WG effort spun out of P14. As voted, this group will*
focus on developing out best practices as regards legal and ethical issues *in
the use of drones for research. The group also voted for there to be
infrastructure focus but unfortunately no one has stepped forward to help
us drive this (the door is definitely still open for that though!...)
- The draft WG Charter is being crafted here, input/comment welcome
- A P15 WG session draft

is here, again input is welcome
2. A proposal for *a half day workshop with the Austrailian drone community*
has been submitted as part of C3DIS
3. *IG Joint session*? If anyone wants to propose an idea just say. I
just reached out to Engineering , Ag, and Agrisemaantics to see if any of
them would be interested in a joint session. Abstracts are due on
Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Embedded Systems Engineer & Data Technologist
Center for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame

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