RDA FAIR data maturity model: Workshop #5 Report

05 Nov 2019
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Dear members of the RDA FAIR data maturity model Working Group,
We would like to thank the members that attended meeting #5 – both
physically and remotely. The meeting was fruitful, and the outcome of the
meeting will contribute to the evolution of the FAIR data maturity model.
Furthermore, we were aware that some of you experienced difficulties to
connect to GoToMeeting whereas some others could simply not connect. We
apologize for that and to remedy this we will be using Google Meet for our
upcoming online meetings.
For the members that were not able to attend: the slides that were
presented at the workshop are available on the RDA Website [1]. In
addition, at the same location you will be able the find the report of the
meeting with an overview of the discussions and issues raised.
With regards to the testing phase, a number of you took the initiative to
test the indicators – in their current frozen state [2] – with their
current methodology. We thank you for your efforts and will reach out to
you personally. We encourage the remainder of the members to test the
indicators and report back to us. It will help us to design the methodology
for the testing phase. We have created a specific thread on GitHub to
centralise discussions about the pilot testing of the indicators [3].
We also would like to remind you that the discussion about the scoring of
the indicators is still open. You can contribute to that discussion at the
following address [4].
As presented during meeting #5, the editorial team will further develop
guidelines and a checklist. In this context, we invite you to share with us
any guidelines that were developed for (FAIR) self-assessment tools /
methodologies (i.e. guidelines that explain how to use tools rather than
how to make data FAIR). The aim is – as outlined many times, not to produce
yet another maturity model but rather – to compile existing material that
can be of use. You can do so by either replying to this email or posting a
comment on the GitHub, where a discussion has been initiated [5].
We would also like to remind you that the next meeting will take place on
the 4th of December 09.00 – 10.30 CET (*morning session*) and 17.00 – 18.30
CET (*afternoon session*). Further information about that meeting and about
the possibility to participate remotely will be shared with the Working
Group over the next weeks.
We are looking forward to your feedback and hope to be able to welcome many
of you again in the next meeting.
Kind regards,
The editorial team and the Chairs
[1] https://www.rd-alliance.org/workshop-5
[3] https://github.com/RDA-FAIR/FAIR-data-maturity-model-WG/issues/35
[4] https://github.com/RDA-FAIR/FAIR-data-maturity-model-WG/issues/34
[5] https://github.com/RDA-FAIR/FAIR-data-maturity-model-WG/issues/36
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  • Ge Peng's picture

    Author: Ge Peng

    Date: 09 Nov, 2019

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks a lot for the report. I'd like to mention that I was able to join
    and participate in the workshop remotely without any problem.
    I do not see my name listed in the table, while I typed my info (Ge Peng,
    USA, NCSU/NCEI) and comments in the chat during the roundtable and
    throughout the session. Are you only capturing people who were presented
    physically at the workshop?
    Not sure if I am the only one who was invisible :-)
    Ge Peng (Peng)
    On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 5:38 AM ChrisB via FAIR Data Maturity Model WG <
    ***@***.***-groups.org> wrote:
    *Ge Peng, PhD*
    *Research Scholar*
    NOAA's Cooperative Institute for Satellite Earth System Studies (CISESS) at
    NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)
    Center for Weather and Climate (CWC)
    151 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801 USA
    +1 828 257 3009; ***@***.***
    ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-1986-9115
    Following CICS-NC on Facebook

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