Welcome to the next OAB meeting on the 5th February

  • Kevin Ashley's picture

    Author: Kevin Ashley

    Date: 05 Feb, 2014

    I think that today's meeting is scheduled to take 90 minutes, but I'm
    afraid I will have to leave promptly after 60 minutes in order to meet
    a rather urgent deadline from my funder for information.

  • Merce Crosas's picture

    Author: Merce Crosas

    Date: 05 Feb, 2014

    Due to a big snow storm in Boston, my schedule has changed, and
    unfortunately I won't be able to make today's meeting.
    However, I'm happy to confirm that I'll be in Dublin on the 26th, and
    looking forward to participating to the meeting.
    Mercè Crosas, Ph.D.
    Director of Data Science, IQSS
    Harvard University

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