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From 2-4 April 2018, RDA’s 13th Plenary (P13) will be taking place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Loews Hotel.  By participating in RDA’s P13 Poster Session, you have an excellent opportunity to share your ideas, ongoing research and accomplishments with data professionals from around the globe.

RDA Poster Sessions offer an interactive way of initiating collaborative conversations and exchanges of ideas with an audience of data practitioners, computer scientists, researchers, policy makers and private sector representatives, who are all committed to open sharing of data across disciplines, technologies and borders to accelerate innovation. 

Positioned in prominent areas at the Loews Hotel, poster session participants will have high visibility with meeting attendees, especially during the coffee breaks, lunches and social events. 

The deadline to submit your poster application is 28 February 2019 at 23:00 UTC. 
Notifications of acceptances will occur on or before 8 March 2019.

Note, if accepted, posters should be printed in vertical format with dimensions of 70cm x 100cm and must be printed and delivered to the event venue directly by applicants.

  • Marina Soares e Silva's picture

    Author: Marina Soares e...

    Date: 28 Feb, 2019

    We wish to clarify that the available choices for Scientific Discipline are discipline specific while our work described in the abstract is of broad application to all areas of research rather than focusing on a particular discipline. This harbors the potential to enhance collaboration around research data across disciplines or highly interdisciplinary fields of research.

    The authors

    Marina Soares e Silva, Michael Jones, Lorenzo Feri, Elena Zudilova-Zeilstra, Alberto Zigoni, Wouter Haak

  • Nikolai Svoboda's picture

    Author: Nikolai Svoboda

    Date: 28 Feb, 2019

    Cooperation and networking with colleagues from the field of agricultural sciences and soil science with an affinity to data management is welcome.

  • Deborah Garwood's picture

    Author: Deborah Garwood

    Date: 28 Feb, 2019

    Thank you for the opportunity to submit a poster to RDA's 13th Plenary.

  • Lisa Johnston's picture

    Author: Lisa Johnston

    Date: 28 Feb, 2019

    Hey - it is still Feb 28th....why did the poster submission close early?

  • Joan Damerow's picture

    Author: Joan Damerow

    Date: 01 Mar, 2019

    I did not notice the time zone for this.. I have a completed abstract, can I still submit?  

    Thank you

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