RDA Plenary 12 slides

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    Author: Ulrich Schwardmann

    Date: 09 Nov, 2018

    Dear Markus, dear colleagues,
    first of all thanks to all of you, you all have done a great job so far.
    I have been a bit quiet during this process, and this had several
    reasons. One certainly is that I'm not coming from the use case side,
    which lowered my potential input during this phase subtantially.
    Nevertheless I followed the process, and here also I have to thank
    markus to keeping the process transparent all the time. And now I'm
    really impressed. The metadata scheme that covers already 10 of 13 use
    cases is really valuable.
    Since I will not be able to be in Gaberone next week I just wanted to
    have said this and also I wanted to give an answer to a question asked
    on the last slide of the session: I can imagine to adopt the PIDINST
    schema in practice and implement the schema in the ePIC data type
    registry during the next months.

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