RDA DMP Common Standards WG - update and invitation to a call

03 Oct 2018
Groups audience: 

Dear group members!
I would like to share some updates with you on our activity and invite to
participate in a call in which we would like to sync with you on our
activities and plan next.
1. We will have a plenary meeting in Gaborone.
2. We had a workshop at the TPDL conference in Porto. During the
workshop we asked participants to review some of the processes that we
defined that show how data management activities can be automated when our
model is in place. We also collected feedback for our second consultation in
which we asked for standards/models/dictionaries/ontologies/etc. that can be
relevant for our model.
a. Workshop website: http://rda-ws-tpdl2018.idsswh.sysresearch.org/#
b. Notes:
c. BPMN processes:
d. Slides:
e. Tools: http://tool2.rda-ws-tpdl2018.sysresearch.org/
f. Consultation:
3. We also presented a paper at iPRES conference that described
results of our first consultation. The feedback was very positive and it
looks that we may have some pilot cases when the model is ready.
a. Paper: http://ifs.tuwien.ac.at/~miksa/papers/2018-iPres-maDMPs.pdf
b. Conference: https://ipres2018.org
Next steps:
. We have defined the landscape:
o Performed consultation to identify who and when needs what information.
o Developed prototype models, processes and tools that demonstrate what
machine-actionability means for DMPs and what the benefits can be.
. Now it is time to clean up the results of our consultations
o Develop guidelines
o Model examples
In the call I would like to update you on the recent developments (the list
above), get feedback and suggestions. I would also like to hear from you
whether you're attending the plenary, if so maybe we can plan do some work
Please indicate your availability by the end of this week:
Depending on votes we will organise 1 or 2 calls so that majority can
Best wishes,
Tomasz Miksa

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