WGDC Meeting at P12 in Gabarone: Mon, Nov 5, 14:00

26 Sep 2018
Groups audience: 

Dear all,
I am looking forward to meeting as many as possible during our upcoming
break-out meeting at Plenary 12 in Gabarone. It is scheduled for
Mon, Nov 5 14:00 - 15:30
I haven't received any room information yet, but I'll let you know as
soon as it becomes available.
In order to put together the program for this meeting, please let me
know if you would like to
- make a short presentation on any planned / on-going / finished
implementation of the recommendation.
- if you have any specific questions that should be discussed,
issues you identified with the current recommendations,
specific challenges that you find in implementing them, etc.
Please let me know and I'll try my best to accomodate it in the schedule!
For those who are new to the WGDC meetings you may want to revisit the
two core documents of our WG:
- The WGDC Recommendations in the short form of a 2-page flyer::
- An extended Description of Recommendations is available at:
Bulletin of the IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries, 12:1,
- Webinar recordings as well as slide sets and supporting papers by
adopters presenting their experience in implementing the
recommendations are collected at the RDA WGDC webinar page at
See you soon in Gabarone!!

  • Mark Parsons's picture

    Author: Mark Parsons

    Date: 26 Sep, 2018

    Hi Andi,
    I could give a short report on the adoption experience of the Deep Carbon Observatory Data Portal. We’re almost done.
    In short: it went really well, and we were able to adopt most of the specific Recommendations through simple application of existing tools and standards (e.g. Vivo, PROV ontology). We had a pretty simple environment though.
    Our next experiment will be much more complex. I hope to be able to say a bit about that too. We’re actually still working the use case, but it will involve multiple and complex types of versioning, data uncertainties, provenance, and sustainability strategies. Intrigued? :-)

  • Andreas Rauber's picture

    Author: Andreas Rauber

    Date: 27 Sep, 2018

    Hi Mark,
    Very intrigued!! :)
    It would be great to hear about both, the easy experience and the challenging setting! (You know that I frequently find challenges more interesting than solutions :)
    I'll plan a slot for you and get back to you with more details a bit later as the whole agenda evolves...
    Thanks a lot!!

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