Draft drone data sharing guidelines for earth and environmental science.

26 Jul 2018

Hi drone data list,
We [1] are drafting *data sharing guidelines for earth and environmental
data collected with drones*, and we need* your help. *If you use drones
for scientific data collection at all please take 10-15 minutes to review
and provide feedback on our proposed *minimum information framework *in
this survey .
*More Context:*
Over the last few years you probably know we have run workshops and
developed case studies, and talked to many of you to get a sense of what
kind of data needs to be published to make drone data FAIR [2]. As part of
an ESIP incubator project, we've summarised the results of this work
into a *Minimum
Information Framework*: a list of the key data and metadata elements that
would make drone datasets FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable,
We're now asking one more time for your feedback to help us refine this
framework! What terms are we missing? What terms aren't necessary?
Please vote on the importance of the terms in our framework, and suggest
additional terms that we may have overlooked. Many of these terms appear in
existing ontologies or standards; after the results of the survey are in,
we will link our community-developed set of terms to these existing
[1] Andrea Thomer, Jane Wyngaard, Lindsay Barbieri - a team of information
scientists and earth scientists working with the ESIP Drone Cluster and RDA
sUAS Data Interest Group: https://osf.io/n6t9b/
[2] The fair guiding principles for scientific data management and
Many thanks,
Jane, Lindsay, Andrea
Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Data Science Technologist
Centre for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame

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    Author: Jane Wyngaard

    Date: 08 Aug, 2018

    Hi all
    Thanks to everyone who's already responded to this, if you haven't had a
    chance this really is pretty quick. Again we asking anyone using drones
    for data capture to complete this short survey

    to community-check our efforts to model the information pipeline involved
    in scientific drone data capture. With the ultimate end goal being readily
    usable tools for capturing semantically enriched drone data as a component
    of making drone data FAIR.
    Survey link is here
    we're able to leave it open till the 15 August (next Wednesday so 1 more
    Thanks again,
    Jane Wyngaard, PhD
    Data Science Technologist
    Centre for Research Computing
    University of Notre Dame

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