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04 Jul 2018

Dear IGAD community,
we are pleased to inform you that the RDA TAB has approved our IGAD Capacity Development Working Group. We are now waiting for the final approval of the WG by the RDA council. In the meantime we would like to invite all interested parties to join our mailing list to keep you updated about the next developments:
Any news from our group will be shared via ***@***.***
The aim of the IGAD Capacity Development Working Group is to develop synergies between existing education and training activities and agricultural science needs by performing a landscape assessment to identify existing gaps and training requirements within the Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) and related WGs. It will also empower the existing collaboration with GODAN and GODAN Action.
If you would like to get more detailed information about our Working Group, please have a look at our case statement:
As soon as the Working Group will be finally endorsed, we would like to start our work towards the first milestone (landscape assessment). As a first step we will prepare a survey that will build on an existing questionnaire from the Godan Action project. If you would like to be more involved in this work, please send us a message.
Best regards
Suchith, Chipo and Karna
IGAD Capacity Development WG chairs

  • Benard Onyuka's picture

    Author: Benard Onyuka

    Date: 04 Jul, 2018

    I am a new member and pleased to observe the informative ideas on Agricultural Development. I believe the proposals will go along way assisting particularly developing countries to address the perenial famine

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