SciDataCon2018: Relevant session for this group

22 May 2018

Dear all,
I like to draw your attention to the following SciDataCon 2018 session:
From Data to Knowledge: A Policy Perspective
While we have not discussed the policy perspective very much, it may be an
opportunity to present the issues and challenges of the data to knowledge
continuum and provide a summary of results so far by OD2I.
Any thoughts?
Cheers, m.

  • Paul Uhlir's picture

    Author: Paul Uhlir

    Date: 22 May, 2018

    Thanks, Markus. I also wish to emphasize that there will be many other
    data-related sessions, both in the RDA and the CODATA/WDS contexts there,
    so I invite everyone on this list to take a closer look. The overall
    program looks very interesting and how often do you go to Botswana? The
    deadline for submitting a paper or poster abstract is Thursday, 31 May.

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