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15 May 2018
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Dear all,
I am also interested in this group. Could you please give some information on the status of this group, timeline, and its activities (achieved so far and planned)?

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    Author: Valeria Pesce

    Date: 15 May, 2018

    Hi Sophie and all,
    I can give a short summary here, then we can continue the conversation with you and Jane and those who are interested.
    The WG was launched on 6 November 2018 at the IC-FOODS conference in Davis. UC Davis/IC-FOODS was the proponent and developed a concept note together with the focal point from the GODAN Secretariat (myself).
    The members of the WG are: two teams from FAO (FAO Nutrition and FAO Statistics), EFSA, IFPRI, UK Food Standards Agency, USDA, University of British Columbia Hsiao Lab, OBO Foundry, GACS, Tufts University, Gent University Department of food technology, safety and health.
    The WG aims at discussing possible alignments or crosswalks between the most authoritative classifications related to food and nutrition and study the best options to include agreed terms from classifications in food ontologies. The primary task consists in bringing together the key domain authorities (FAO, EFSA, USDA, IFPRI) and other partners who can provide the platforms and methodologies to work on and publish vocabularies and have the domain authorities endorse the alignment and the resulting published vocabularies.
    Tasks of the WG:
    • Survey the existing classifications managed by the domain authorities who agree to participate in the WG; survey and collect mapping work already done, identify essential missing mappings.
    • Design: decide which types of vocabularies are most appropriate for publishing the classifications (simple concept scheme, ontology…); agree on a methodology (quality criteria, curatorial pipelines…); discuss level of granularity and distribution of classifications/ontologies (one or several linked ones, distributed or centralized); identify vocabulary editing and linking platforms.
    • Governance: decide on institutional responsibilities, ownership, and related technical issues like stable URIs, possible collaborative maintenance etc.
    • Publish the classifications and their mappings following Linked Data best practices.
    • In cases in which this has not been done already and where deemed essential, do the remaining alignment work.
    • Identify use cases that demonstrate the usefulness of the RDF publication and alignment.
    • Provide basic vocabulary services to reuse terms and mappings in tools and portals, primarily for the identified use cases.
    • If deemed useful, agree on which concepts are common and can be published as an authoritative common set of URIs and which concepts should remain in different specialized vocabularies.
    The final objective of this work is to provide a set of semantically interlinked URIs for key food product concepts as an infrastructural component that will facilitate the development of both software for actors in the food value chain and added-value integrated services that need to track food products.
    Attached you can find the full concept note and the proposed work plan.
    Most of the work done so far was on sharing knowledge between the domain partners and the semantic technology partners and on the first use case (using the FoodEx2 RDF version in a tool and a portal managed by FAO).
    I hope this gives you a good idea of what we do.
    Thank you for your interest,
    Valeria Pesce
    Information Systems Manager and Project Manager
    GFAR – The Global Forum on Agricultural Research
    c/o FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00153, Rome, ITALY
    Tel: +39 06 570 56316
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    Subject: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig] RE: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig] Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig] Publication and alignment of...
    Dear all,
    I am also interested in this group. Could you please give some information on the status of this group, timeline, and its activities (achieved so far and planned)?

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