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04 May 2018
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Hi all. Apologies, we need to use this other place for our call. Please connect to:
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Subject: RE: [rda-agrisemantics-wg] Agrisemantics wg updates + NEXT call
Dear all,
Our next call is tomorrow, 9 am CEST. To connect:
The call will be dedicated to updating on ongoing work, esp. on the report & conclusions from the use case collection.
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Subject: [SPAM] [rda-agrisemantics-wg] Agrisemantics wg updates + NEXT call
Hi all,
It was very nice to see many of you in the RDA Plenary last month! Here an update from the meetings in Berlin + a look at our ongoing & next activities.
From Berlin
· All slides used in IGAD and RDA Plenary, you can find here:
· Based on the use cases we collected in the past months, and on a group discussion we had on March 21, we compiled a very first list of recommendations, which was then discussed during the RDA working session on March 22. See:
· We have started a report on the use cases we collected, which will also include the requirements we draw from them. We aim at having a more advanced draft by our next group call on May 4th (see below). Meanwhile, please feel free to comment and/or integrate the draft you find at: (use suggestion mode)
· NEXT group CALL will take place on Friday May 4, 9am CEST. And this is the zoom meeting:
· Next meetings:
1. Thu May 17. 5pm CEST
2. Fri Jun 1. 9am CEST
3. Thu Jun 14. 5pm CEST
4. Fri Jun 29. 9am CEST
Finally, we are sending this message also to those who were present at the meetings in Berlin and are not yet member of the group. This is a one-off message you communication for you. If you would like to keep following the group activities, please register in the group page:
Caterina for the chairs
Caterina Caracciolo, PhD
ESS - FAO of the UN
Skype: catecara

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