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    Author: Cristiano Fugazza

    Date: 30 Mar, 2018

    Dear Markus,
    on behalf of our team here @CNR, thank you for managing the
    session and sorry again for not preparing a proper presentation for
    our UC.
    To foster discussion in the upcoming concall, we noticed some
    possible synergies we shall take into account in future work, namely:
    - The PID Kernel Information WG: we think that the recommendations
    from this WG constitute the baseline we should start from for defining
    instrument metadata.
    - The Data Citation WG: albeit we consider citation of instruments
    among the expected by-products of our work but not the ultimate
    purpose, I think that their focus on dynamic data could be easily
    translated into (or complement with) the dynamic nature of sensor
    - The DMP Common Standards WG: the notion of DMPs may translate into
    similar practices for instrument management. Moreover,
    machine-actionability is an outcome we think we should strive for and
    the JSON-LD representation they proposed in the slides matches that in
    our UC.
    - the Physical Samples and Collections IG: On the one hand. more
    samples (both physical or biological) are collected by instruments. On
    the other, the link between the two groups is also about the intents,
    as emerges in the presentation of the IG:
    The approach followed seems to be creating a link with other
    disciplinary-specific and functionality-specific metadata records also
    harmonizing models/vocabularies/ontologies.
    - Moreover, in the presentation event of Freya and EOSC-related
    projects after the RDA plenary, clearly emerged the interest for PIDs
    for instruments in relation to other entities (papers, people,
    projects, etc.), and some very interesting pilots. In particular, it
    could be interesting to take into account their notion of PID Graph
    (the data structure induced by this information), with related
    experiences and technologies, in the specific case of PID for
    Quoting "markus.stocker" <***@***.***>:
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    Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment
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