Topic Survey

07 Mar 2018

Dear RDA L4RD IG Members,
In order to make our session at P11 (Friday 3/23, 11am) efficient and
effective, we are asking for your help brainstorming interesting topics for
discussion, working groups, or outputs.
Survey Link:
We (the IG co-chairs) will collect, synthesize, and organize responses for
use in the brainstorming discussion at P11.
Andi, Birgit, Juliane, and Marta

  • Neil  Jefferies's picture

    Author: Neil Jefferies

    Date: 08 Mar, 2018

    I've got three library-led initiatives that I'm bringing to RDA which I
    could talk about in the IG if you wish.
    SWORDV3 - a new version of the protocol for automated deposit into
    Data2Paper - a streamlined Data Paper publishing workflow tool
    OCFL - Oxford Common Filesystem Layout: aiming to define a standard way
    of serializing digital objects onto storage, good for preservation and
    Neil Jefferies MA MBA
    Head of Innovation
    Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services
    Osney One
    Osney Mead
    OX2 0EW
    T: +44 1865 2-80588

  • John Chodacki's picture

    Author: John Chodacki

    Date: 08 Mar, 2018

    It would be great to get an update on SWORDv3. Great idea!
    (and thank you again Neil for leading that effort….really needed!)

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