Follow-up on RDA Biodiversity Data Integration IG sessions

26 Sep 2014

Dear BDI IG members,

It was with great pleasure that we saw the two breakout sessions on Biodiversity data during the recent RDA plenary in Amsterdam attended by more than 40 people. As most of you know the primary objective of the two sessions was to identify specific actions for the IG to work on until the next plenary in San Diego in 6 months.

Our group discussions were primarily focused on the opportunity to initiate a new RDA Working Group that with tangible outputs not only for the biodiversity community but across many data-driven scientific domains. After the two sessions it was clear that the primary action for the IG should be to support the creation of a new WG concerned with the development of a robust, fully operational and  sustainable name resolution and disambiguation open service.

The group agreed that within the 18month timeframe of an RDA WG activities should be focused in (i) describing the current landscape, raise awareness among potential stakeholders and identify service adopters, (ii) describing the technical steps to be taken in order to deliver this service and suggest efficient business models for service longevity and (iii) identifying and supporting access to funding opportunities for the actual implementation at production level within the European and international funding environment.  

The first step will require the drafting of a comprehensive case statement for the RDA Technical Advisory Group. The initial group of people to take on this work was identified during the second breakout session:

Anne Thessen, US - Christina Flann, NL - Dimitris Koureas, UK- Donat Agosti, CH - Herbert Schentz, AT -Lyubomir Penev, BG


It is really great to see the BDI IG taking solid steps towards common goals and I would like to thank all of you who joined the RDA plenary and the BDI IG breakout sessions. I would also like to thank the co-chairs of the group and especially Yde de Yong for all his invested efforts in this that brought us to this good start.


Kind regards,



Dr Dimitrios Koureas

Dept of Life Sciences | Biodiversity Informatics Group

The Natural History Museum London

  • Yde de Jong's picture

    Author: Yde de Jong

    Date: 30 Sep, 2014

    Dear Dimitris,

    Thanks a lot for your efforts on chairing the RDA BDI sessions in Amsterdam and to lead this Interest Group to a following stage!

    Also all participants are thanked for their interest and input.

    Hopefully the upcoming TDWG 2014 meeting will create a next opportunity to further discuss the set up of RDA BDI Working Groups, in particular on defining a next generation names infrastructure.

    Kind regards,


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