DCO present in Berlin

08 Feb 2018
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Hey Andi, Ari, and crew,
As mentioned the Deep Carbon Observatory Data Portal. is working on adopting the DDC rec. It would be nice if we could report on our progress at the session in Berlin as an item under “Brief reports on use cases”. I suspect we may have some thoughts on Versioning too.
Assuming he gets his visa, Ahmed Eleish, would be the primary presenter.

  • Andreas Rauber's picture

    Author: Andreas Rauber

    Date: 08 Feb, 2018

    Hi Mark, Ahmed,
    That's great, thank you! We definitely want to devote most of the time
    of the meeting again to present and discuss new pilots, lessons learned
    form implementations and new issues identified. the Deep Carbon
    Observatory pilot is definitely most welcome, specifically your
    observations on versioning approaches.
    This is also call for any other groups who have implemented or are
    starting to implement (part of) the recommendations and would like to
    present their current status, questions, etc. at th eupcoming plenary:
    please let me know so that we can plan slots accordingly.

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