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04 Jan 2018
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Hi Siri-Jodha and Beth,
I am the PI of an NSF project that is writing software to extract metadata
about variable transformations from major statistical packages (SPSS, SAS,
Stata, R). The project is called C2Metadata ("Coninuous Capture of
Metadata"), and you can find more on our website .
We are planning to have the first operational version of our software in
March 2018.
If this is the kind of development that interests your group, please let me
know how I can help.
George Alter
*** 15 Sept to 14 Dec 2017 -- Visiting Scholar at St John's College
University of Cambridge
Research Professor, ICPSR
Professor of History, University of Michigan
PO Box 1248, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248
Tel: 734-478-0783 Fax: 734-647-8200
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    Author: Beth Huffer

    Date: 29 Jan, 2018

    Hi George,
    I am truly sorry for taking so long to reply to your email. Thank you so
    much for your email. The C2Metadata project sounds really interesting. I
    am working with a Focus Group at NASA on how to provide data
    transformation services to data consumers, and of course, answering the
    question of how to track provenance, or even just how to update the
    metadata record after a data set has been transformed, are pressing ones.
    We would love to have your input into our survey (which isn't ready yet,
    but will be soon, I hope). I think it would also be really interesting
    to have a presentation on the C2Metadata project for our Task Force.
    Would that be something you'd be willing to do? We meet on the second
    Thursday of the month. Maybe we could schedule you to do a presentation
    at our March 8 meeting?

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