RDA L4RD Co-Chair Elections

17 Jan 2018

Dear All--
Dear all, in about an hour, each of the 364 members of the Libraries for
Research Data Interest Group should receive an email with a custom link to
cast your vote to elect two new co-chairs for our group.
The link will take you to a page includes a list of candidates and their
The two candidates with the largest numbers of votes from *different*
geographic regions will begin two-year terms at the P9 meeting in Barcelona.
If you don't receive your ballot by the end of the day, or you have
questions, please contact us. Voting will end at midnight (GMT -5) on
February 3.
Many thanks to our candidates for volunteering to stand for election and,
if elected, to lead our group!
Best regards,
Andi & Birgit
Andrea L. Ogier
Director, Data Services
University Libraries
Virginia Tech
(540) 231-9255
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    Author: Andrea Ogier

    Date: 26 Jan, 2018

    Just a reminder: If you haven't already, please vote in the RDA L4RD IG
    Elections by February 3rd.
    Individual links were generated and sent via Qualtrics; the subject of that
    email is "RDA L4RD IG Co-Chair Elections" and it was sent by <
    ***@***.***> on January 17th.
    If you can't find your individual ballot link, please let me know!

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