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20 Jan 2018
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Thanks Suchith
I think that this information could be relevant for everybody. Let us see if others show them up and in case we can discuss about it.
Have a good weekend!
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Thank you Maria. It will be great if your young researcher colleague can lead this and I will welcome this and can support the nomination. I understand the issue of high travel costs, registration costs and as far as I know there is no mechanism in RDA to cover this.
Another option is not to have Plenary meetings for the IG but we form an online community and online tele meetings to plan actions. This way, we can remove this hurdle. Please suggest this as an option and let us see if others agree. That way, we can make sure in future there is less hurdles.
Best wishes,
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Dear Suchith
I write you privately to have more pieces of information. A young researcher working with me can cover considering his talent and enthusiasm, this role. But I know that there are at least two events every year and registration and travel cost can be a problem. Are there special conditions oe support for people involved in leading the groups?
This is very crucial for his involvement, as he doesn't have funds for attending events...
Many thanks and best regards!
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Oggetto: [rda-geospatial-ig] Geospatial IG - champions needed for taking forward
Dear colleagues,
The RDA11 Plenary is held in Berlin from 21-23rd March, 2018. It will be good to know who all will be interested to attend if there is a Geospatial IG meeting at P11.Since the start of establishing an IG, we have provided opportunity for bringing for all interested in 'geo' data aspects in RDA and outside for exploring synergies . We have one of the largest number of members involved in this IG. Though we had some colleagues interested in starting Transport WG [1] etc, it has not moved forward. It will be very helpful if we can get some help in getting these WGs started. We have been using the IG for building synergies with key initiatives GeoForAll, NASA Europa Challenge, OpenCitySmart etc, so maybe it is an opportunity now to find champions for specific work.
I am grateful for the opportunity to start this IG and build ideas. As i am now busy with many other key responsibilities , I think it is now time for me to hand over the IG leadership to colleagues who can invest time to take this forward. So please come forward and take leadership for any activities you wish to take forward.
Looking forward to ideas/inputs from all.
Best wishes,
[1] https://rd-alliance.org/group/geospatial-ig/post/re-transportation-wg-ca...
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  • Jane Wyngaard's picture

    Author: Jane Wyngaard

    Date: 20 Jan, 2018

    The RDA/US has student fellowships and I remember seeing EU student support
    offered for P9. I don't see all the RDA/EU announcements but are those not
    available anymore? Might cover at least a few meetings
    Jane Wyngaard, PhD
    Data Science Technologist
    Centre for Research Computing
    University of Notre Dame
    On Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 8:16 AM, maria <***@***.***-groups.org>

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