EUDAT ArrayDB WG Workshop in Porto

21 Dec 2017

Dear colleagues,
I would like to draw your attention to the next EUDAT Array Databases workshop that will be held on 22 January 2018 co-located with the EUDAT Conference: .
Below you will find an announcement of the workshop with a tentative agenda. Please consider to participate and register as soon as possible.
If you wish to present your experience please let us know.
Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested.
We look forward to meeting you in Porto.
Kind regards,
Christian Pagé
Array Databases for Research Communities
EUDAT will host the third Array Databases WG workshop on 22 Jan 2018 in Porto. This event is co-located with the EUDAT Conference "Putting the EOSC vision into practice".
The workshop targets technology experts, representatives of research communities and practitioners who are interested in providing their own experience adopting such technologies and in knowing more about ArrayDB.
At the workshop
Results of the experiements selected in the WG will be presented;
Benefits with respect to traditional methods, limitations, challenges encountered and lessons learned will be discussed;
We will consider possible strategies to follow-up in order to continue these activities beyond EUDAT2020 and address future work.
Who should attend?
Experts are invited to provide their feedback and discuss future directions.
Communities dealing with multidimensional and spatial datasets are invited to expose their requirements, use cases and related challenges.
Practitioners are invited to share their practical experience adopting ArrayDB in their respective community.
Draft Agenda
Intro Luca Trani
Presentation experts
EarthPlanet - Simone Mantovani
RASDAMAN - Peter Baumann (TBC)
Ophidia - Sandro Fiore
EUDAT GEF - Asela Rajapakse
Presentations experiments
Use Case RASDAMAN: Andrea Pagani (KNMI)
Use Case Ophidia - ENES: Christian Pagé / Sandro Fiore
Discussions on experiments
The EUDAT CDI - Mark Van de Sanden (TBC)
Follow up strategies and Discussions
Should a spatial service be provided by the EUDAT CDI?
How ArrayDB concepts should be integrated with the GEF?
Integrating the ArrayDB EUDAT WG into RDA

  • Peter Baumann's picture

    Author: Peter Baumann

    Date: 21 Dec, 2017

    Dear Christian,
    thank you for sharing this information. Out of curiosity, are there details
    available on the "ArrayDB EUDAT WG" mentioned, maybe some website? Who are the
    members, is it open to join?
    thanks & best seasonal wishes,

  • Luca Trani's picture

    Author: Luca Trani

    Date: 22 Dec, 2017

    Dear Peter,

    This is an open group and anyone is welcome to join. However, we have a limited number of places still available for the next meeting in Porto. Please register as soon as possible if you wish to participate. A provisional agenda is available here: .

    My best wishes to you all,


  • Peter Baumann's picture

    Author: Peter Baumann

    Date: 27 Dec, 2017

    Dear Luca,
    thanks for the information.Unfortunately I cannot attend the workshop, as
    communicated already earlier, but, can you please add me to the resp. mailing
    list so that I remain posted about progress.
    best regards,

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