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24 Aug 2014
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Dear RDA Practical Policy Members,

In our last phone conference we decided to merge the three documents describing the policy templates including the english language descriptions and iRODS implementations (Policy-template-document-v1.10Jul14.docx), the EUDAT policies (policy.examples-v0.1.docx), and the GPFS policies (GPFS policy template.docx).

I took the liberty to create two documents instead of one:

You are highly welcome to read the documents and to revise the policies. The review results will go into separate documents (one doc per reviewer) and will be saved in the file depot with the file name PolicyReview.REVIEWERNAME.DATE.docx.

Kind regards,

Rainer Stotzka


  • Claudio Cacciari's picture

    Author: Claudio Cacciari

    Date: 28 Aug, 2014

    Dear Rainer,
    I have uploaded a review of the document
    PracticalPolicy.OutcomesPolicyTemplates, but putting few corrections and
    comments inline, so I left the original name of the doc adding mine and
    the date in the end.
    The document PracticalPolicy.Implementations is fine with me.

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