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    Author: Matthew Fry

    Date: 07 Jun, 2017

    Hi Elizabeth (and all)

    I've joined the DR IG as I'm interested in hydrological / water data rescue.

    I'm based at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in the UK, I look after lots of our data here, but have also worked across Africa on hydrological data management in the past.

    I did a little bit of work some years ago now for the World Meteorological Organisation on hydrological data rescue. In 2007 we surveyed countries to find out the scale of the problem and published results (via conference paper, attached).

    I also wrote some guidelines for hydrological data rescue for the WMO in 2012:


    These are quite basic, and mostly general but with a few aspects specific to hydrology in terms of prioritising data for rescue, metadata and formats of data. They borrow heavily from other sources in terms of suggesting considerations in running data rescue projects.

    We are also involved in long-term monitoring and running the UK research data archive for freshwater data. I have been involved in making sure some of our monitoring data is well archived for the long-term, including some efforts that would qualify as data rescue. With a colleague we are in the process of publishing a set of soil moisture measurements recovered from electronic tapes, dating back to the 1970s.

    I'm a co-chair of the RDA Global Water Information IG and would be happy to make some links between these groups. There's a huge need for data rescue in the area of water, stongly linked to climate data rescue. I hope to be in Montreal and meet some of you there. I would be happy to present any of the work we have done on data rescue if you think it's of interest.


    Matt Fry


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