Re: RDA collection data model

06 Apr 2017

Hello Juha,
thank you for pointing this out - I believe that this would fit into the
collections work in terms of extensions (of e.g. additional collection
properties, or some elements for the controlled vocabs we foresee) by a
user community, specific implementation, use case or similar. So may
want to include a reference to this in the conceptual document we will
put out along with the specification.
Best, Tobias

  • Frederik Baumgardt's picture

    Author: Frederik Baumgardt

    Date: 06 Apr, 2017

    Thank you, Juha — I have already begun to map between the WG’s terminology and e.g. dcterms during the process of implementing the RDF/LDP data store. My plan was to push this upstream into our definitions once it’s settled and looks sensible.

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