Collaborating to Improve Platforms and Share Resources among Open Data Repositories

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26 Jan 2021

Collaborating to Improve Platforms and Share Resources among Open Data Repositories

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Improving Repositories Through Collaboration - Robert R. DownsKerstin A. Lehnert, Lili Zhang, Devan Ray Donaldson, João Rocha da Silva (Slides)

Exploration of better information services in the federated research cloud: Lessons in the CSTCloud - Lili Zhang (13 minutes)

Sharing Infrastructure among Domain Repositories: An Approach of the Council of Data Facilities - Kerstin A. Lehnert  (13 minutes)

World Data System International Technology Office: Syndication to Integration - Karen Payne (Slides, Medium Resolution Video, High Resolution Video)

Open Research Data repositories in Switzerland: InSTOReD, a suite of tools aimed at academic institutions to choose their strategy (Marielle Guirlet, René Schneider) (Video)

Discussion: Collaboratively Selecting and Improving Data Repository Platforms and Tools to Efficiently Foster Open Science (28 minutes)

Meeting objectives: 

Collaborating internationally across disciplines, organizations, and agencies can improve resource sharing among data repositories and contribute to the opportunities available to various stakeholders across the research data ecosystem. Developing, reviewing and successfully adopting data repository platforms, features, standards, and capabilities enables data producers to disseminate data to broad communities of users. These systems can foster the use of open data by researchers, practitioners, and learners who can conduct new investigations and answer new questions. Collaborating on the development, adoption, implementation, and enhancement of services and software and on the criteria for selection and improvement of repository platforms also provides opportunities to reduce the costs of data stewardship, improve governance, and enhance the effectiveness of data repositories and those who strive to facilitate the use of open data.

Assessing the Requirements Matrix previously developed by the RPRD provides suggestions and examples of criteria that can be considered for selecting a repository platform and for collaborating and sharing resources among data repositories. These and other options for collaboration and resource sharing among data repositories are described, explored, and discussed among session participants to identify opportunities for improving the development, selection, and advancement of data repository platforms and services. Presentations and discussion among session participants will inform the following objectives.

- Identification of opportunities for sharing resources among data repositories.
- Identification of improvements for individuals and organizations to co-develop resources to further the development and enhancement of data repository capabilities.
- Identification of opportunities to improve the management, governance, and selection of data repositories for data producers and users.

The presentations and discussion will contribute to the missions of both groups by identifying opportunities to improve research data repository platforms and domain repositories in an efficient and effective manner. Taking a collaborative approach offers more opportunities to enable data reuse by sharing resources among members of the data repository community. Furthermore, by engaging in collaborative development, repositories will be contributing to their sustainability through the attainment of efficiencies in their efforts to continually improve their services.   

Proposed outcomes of the joint session include the identification of issues of common interest among stakeholders for sharing resources among data repositories to improve the selection and adoption of platforms, services, standards, and software that can improve capabilities for managing and using research data. We also hope to identify issues for further discussion that can inspire the launch of a new WG.


Short Group Status: 

The Repository Platforms for Research Data (RPRD) Interest Group has been quite active during the last few years and has found that the RDA community is very interested in improving the capabilities of repository platforms. The RPRD IG initiated the creation of the Research Data Repositories Interoperability WG, which has completed its activities. The RPRD IG also has explored the creation of a new WG on Repository Interfaces for Data Analytics (RIDA), which held a BoF session during RDA P14, and also has begun exploring the creation of one or more RDA WGs that focus on repository support for data policies. Most recently the RPRD IG held successful sessions during the RDA Virtual P15 and P16 on Approaches for Implementing Data Repositories, when many session participants recommended continuing the theme for the RDA P16 session.

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s): 

The RDA Repository Platforms for Research Data (RPRD) IG focuses on improving the usability and technical capabilities of research data repository platforms. The RDA Domain Repositories IG focuses on enhancing communication with other RDA groups and on representing the interests of domain repositories in those groups. Together, the RPRD IG and the Domain Repositories IG share interests in identifying opportunities for data repositories to improve capabilities for using data to conduct scientific research. The planned joint session will explore approaches for implementing data repository platforms and for sharing resources among data repositories.

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Working meeting
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Robert R. Downs, Lili Zhang, Kerstin Lehnert, Karen Payne, Marielle Guirlet, René Schneider