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What are Co-located Events?

Co-located events are meetings organised by RDA Organisational and Affiliate Members and make up part of the P23 programme. The events provide organisations the chance to leverage the size and enthusiasm of the international data community present at P23.

This year, co-located events will be held on Monday 11 November and Friday 15 November between 08:00 – 16:00 Costa Rican time. All co-located events will be held fully in-person at the Universidad de Costa Rica campus. 

The local hosts of P23 have offered to assist with the co-located events planning. Two options are offered:

  1. a predefined package that will be tailored to your event’s needs, and/or
  2. the services of an external event agency. 

There are conditions on what the packages can offer. Therefore, we ask you to familiarise yourself with the package prior to getting in touch with the designated contact person (see details below).

Alternatively, a list of local event agencies is available. You can contact them to discuss your events details.

Please note that RDA/local hosts will take no responsibility for the quality of external event services. 

A package for co-located events

The University of Costa Rica provides physical space for co-located events under the following conditions:

Local Committee offers a package at a fee which includes:

The packages’ fees (listed in US Dollars):

Package 1: half-day (morning or afternoon*)Package 2: full day*
*Includes one hour before and one hour after the event*Includes one hour before and one hour after the event
Fixed price: $321 Fixed price: $349

Catering (additional fee, per person):

Total price calculation: a price of a package + catering options depending on a number of people.

The package’s conditions:

How to apply
  • If you would like to hold a co-located event during the RDA’s 23rd Plenary Meeting and use the available package, please contact Yasmyn Chacón and copy in Andrea Marin Campos with the following information:


    • – Event Organisation

    • – Event Title

    • – Event Goal and Structure

    • – Preferred Event Date
        •    1. Monday, 11 November 2024

        •    2. Friday, 15 November 2024

    • – Event Duration (Half-day, Full Day in UTC and Costa Rican time)

    • – Number of Attendees (Estimate)

    • – Venue Room Layout

    • – Catering (please indicate when catering is required)

    • – Full Name of the Co-located Event Coordinator

    • – E-mail of the Co-located Event Coordinator

    • – Any Additional Information


Enquiries must be submitted before September 27, 2024.


If you wish to organise an event with different characteristics than those mentioned in the package, co-located event organisers must contact an external organiser (see below) and plan it outside the Universidad de Costa Rica campus.

External Local Event Agencies

Information about possibilities to organise co-located events with external event agencies:


Please note that the RDA Secretariat is not involved in the coordination of co-located events. If you wish to hold an event, please use the contact details above.