Citation principles for domain repository identifiers in support of reproducible research - P5 BOF session

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27 January 2015 1224 reads

Accurate identification and tracking of research resources used to produce the findings of a scientific study are needed to promote reproducible science, to design and troubleshoot experiments, to measure the impact of individual research resources, and to data mine the scientific literature. As shown in the study by Vasilevsky et al. (2013), authors are not providing sufficient detail in their materials and methods such that the resources used can be conclusively identified by another human being. However, most of the details for such resources are provided by a growing number of domain repositories. This BoF group will lay the ground work for the formation of an Interest Group (IG) on research resource identification. The purpose of the IG is to provide a venue for communication and coordination among interested parties (e.g. research scientists, domain repositories, publishers), outside and within RDA, to ensure that citation principles enable appropriate re-use of data sets through proper resource description and provenance.

Contact Person: Jeffrey Grethe