CASRAI North American ReConnect14 Conference, Ottawa, November 19-21, 2014

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19 Nov 2014 UTC

CASRAI North American ReConnect14 Conference, Ottawa, November 19-21, 2014

19 Nov 2014 - 08:00 UTC to 20 Nov 2014 - 17:00 UTC

Research Data Canada and CASRAI are partnering to deliver the CASRAI North American ReConnect14 Conference in Ottawa on November 19-21, 2014 and we jointly invite your proposals for conference presentations and workshops.

The conference theme is “Infrastructure & Interoperability”. Infrastructure, as in the new digital infrastructure needed (both the hard and the soft parts) for managing the growing tsunami that is research data. Interoperability, as in the new solutions needed to reduce a growing administrative burden and a growing chasm between researchers and other stakeholders. Interoperability will be critical to smooth the way for inter-disciplinary research and international collaboration.
We hear many buzz words today: big data, digital scholarship, e-infrastructure, open access (gold and green), open data. Research data and research information (metadata) is at the center of our work yet many obstacles keep us from excelling in this digital sphere. We are calling on the research data and research information communities for single or panel presentations and workshops on the following broad sub-themes:
1) Infrastructure for research data:
·         Equipment
·         Skills & Training
·         Policies
·         Standards
·         International Connections
2) Interoperability for research information:
·         The burden on researchers - understanding the extent of the problem, the root causes and exploring solutions
·         The Institution/Funder relationship - looking at the challenges and opportunities;
·         The role of Libraries and Publishers in the smooth flow and integration of research information.
Your proposal for a presentation or workshop must include the following:
1.      Presenter information (Name(s), Affiliation(s))
2.      Title of Presentation/Workshop
3.      Presentation/Workshop Length
4.      Abstract (100 word max)
5.      Summary of the key information/ideas the participants can expect to take away from your presentation) (25 word max each)
6.      Content Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
For more information on this call, or on the CASRAI ReConnect conference, please contact ahubbard[at]
We look forward to receiving your proposals by July 25, 2014 – please submit by e-mailed PDF attachment to ahubbard[at]