Case for an Interest Group on Structural Biology Data

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28 May 2013

Case for an Interest Group on Structural Biology Data

Re: Case for an Interest Group on Structural Biology Data
Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:34 pm
by chrishmorris
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Draft Questionnaire to Structural Biology Communit
Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2013 9:51 am
by chrishmorris
Are these questions clear? Will the answers be significant? Please reply to suggest improvements.

This questionnaire is designed to test the hypothesis that developments in Structural Biology methods are creating a need for new forms of facility access, processing and modelling software, and data archives. We would be very grateful for your input.

Lucia Banci CERM
Antonio Rosato CERM
Chris Morris STFC

1 What is your preferred structural technique?

2 What other techniques have you used in the last year?

3 I would also use other techniques if it was easier to get access to facilities
Agree/Disagree Comment:___________________________

4 I would also use other techniques if the software was easier to get and use
Agree/Disagree Comment:___________________________

5 The software for different techniques works together well
Agree/Disagree Comment:___________________________

6 Last year I discarded some samples or files because their provenance was not recorded well enough
Agree/Disagree Comment:___________________________

7 Last year I repeated some work because I could not find the sample or file produced
Agree/Disagree Comment:___________________________

8 If a web portal offers access to data archives and to processing software, I will use it
Agree/Disagree Comment:___________________________

9 I work in the EU/USA/China/Japan/Other ___________________________

10 My targets include: Eukaryotic/Prokaryotic/Enzymes/Membrane Proteins/Single gene products/Complexes

NEW VERSION of Case Statement
Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:14 am
by rosato71
Please see attached.

Case for an Interest Group on Structural Biology Data
Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:38 am
by chrishmorris
Structural Biology (SB) is concerned with the determination of the three-dimensional (3D) structures of proteins and nucleic acids, and with those of complexes and higher order structures formed by association of these components.The productivity of structural biologists has increased rapidly over the years, thanks to improvements in instruments including beamlines and detectors; improved NMR hardware; improved reagents and sample preparation protocols; and improved software. The next challenge is that the level of complexity, even of individual bio-macromolecules, and much more so of higher order structures, cannot be fully addressed by a single experimental approach. However, the data generated within each of these disciplines are handled using different formats and with different underlying data models thus effectively preventing reuse/interoperability.

The proposed working group aims to raise awareness of this bottleneck and to collaboratively make a plan to address the challenge. This will imply the identification of possible temporary solutions, and the formulation of a more ambitious plan to promote the development of a comprehensive approach to accompany the evolution of SB as an integrative multi-technique discipline.



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