Call for Nominations and Expressions of Interest for RDA Council

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19 Oct 2015

Call for Nominations and Expressions of Interest for RDA Council

The Governance Documents of RDA and the RDA Foundation indicate that Council members are to serve three-year (renewable) terms, with three members selected each year. A Nomination Committee determined by the current Council is to develop a slate of three candidates each year who are approved by a general election of the membership.

It is essential that Council have the trust and confidence of the Funding agencies supporting RDA operations. Therefore, this year’s Nomination Committee consists of representatives from the three organisations that originally funded RDA:

  • Clare McLaughlin, Australian Government
  • Carlos Morais-Pires, European Commission
  • Irene Qualters, US National Science Foundation

Members of RDA are encouraged to submit names for the three open Council positions no later than 31 December 2015 for consideration by the committee.

The current Council was appointed by the original Funders of RDA, and Council membership was increased gradually until the first full nine-member Council meeting at Plenary 5 in March 2015 in San Diego. At that meeting, it was decided to begin the formal rotation and have the first new slate of three members to be presented to the membership for approval at Plenary 7 in in March 2016 in Tokyo.

Current Council members include:

  • Fran Berman (co-chair)
  • John Wood (co-chair)
  • Patrick Coquet
  • Tony Hey
  • Kay Raseroka
  • Satoshi Sekiguchi
  • Michael Stanton
  • Doris Wedlich
  • Ross Wilkinson

Fran Berman, Tony Hey, and Ross Wilkinson’s initial terms will expire this round. They are eligible to be re-nominated.

The RDA mission is to build the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data. The RDA vision is researchers and innovators openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society. The Council is responsible for maintaining the mission and vision of RDA and ensuring the guiding principles of the organisation are maintained. The Council is responsible for the overall oversight, success, strategy, and sustainability of RDA.

Council members are expected to be “statespersons” committed to supporting the aims of the RDA rather than promoting special interests, regions, domains or disciplines. Since RDA is an international organization, it is important that the Council also reflect geographic, gender, and ethnic diversity.

Nominations should be sent to the attention of Clare McLaughlin ( no later than 31 December 3015.  Nominations should include the candidate’s name, current position, and email address.  Each nomination should also include a short paragraph (less than ½ page) on why this person is being nominated and how they will be able to contribute to the Council and the Research Data Alliance.