Bof - Social Dynamics of Data Interoperability - RDA 13th Plenary meeting

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10 Jan 2019
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Meeting Location: Congress B

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Meeting objectives

Extensive work has been, and continue to be done on data interoperability at the technical and information domains. However, a large portion of the challenges in building interoperable information infrastructures are the result of the interplay between organisations, institutions, economics and individuals. Collectively these form the social dynamics that foster or hinder the progress towards achieving technical and information interoperability. These are some of the most difficult challenges to the dress. Currently there is only a limited body of work on how to address these challenges in a systematic way. 

Currently there is no other IG within the RDA that has a specific focus on the social dynamics, relating to interoperable information infrastructure.

The focus of this BoF is to work towards the establishment of an RDA interest group, focused on the development of systematic approaches to address the social dynamic challenges that exists in building and operating interoperable information infrastructure within the Earth and Ecosystem sciences. 

Possible objectives of such an IG would be:
• Identify organisational, institutional, economic and individual aspects that increase the friction to achieving information interoperability.
• Develop a corpus of knowledge, including models, frameworks and patterns that can be applied by practitioners to develop the desired social dynamics that foster information interoperability. 
• Identify and develop case studies of solutions that demonstrate the application of the corpus of knowledge on this topic.


Meeting agenda

1. Role of social dynamics in establishing and maintaining interoperable data infrastructures
2. Introduction to the work being done in Australia & in other countries,
3. Identify interest in the establishment of a RDA interest group on Social Dynamics of Data Interoperability.
4. Develop a draft charter for the interest group.


Short description

The social challenges that impede in the establishment of interoperable data infrastructures has been raised and discussed in the course of many other topics, however there has been no activities that has been done specifically around this topic.