BoF P3 Using Fedora for Managing Research Data

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17 March 2014 1435 reads

Using Fedora for Managing Research Data - Thursday 27th March 1100-1230 - WG / IG / BoF Breakout Session 3


Thorny Staples, Director, Office of Research Information Services, Smithsonian Institution

Andrew Woods, Fedora Technical Lead and Developer, DuraSpace Inc.

The Flexible Extensible Durable Object Architecture (Fedora) defines a set of abstractions for expressing digital objects, asserting relationships among them, and linking "behaviors" (i.e., services) to them. This session is intended for discussion about how Fedora can be used to manage complex digital research resources. The agenda will be determined by participants. Users of the current versions of the Fedora 3.x series, as well as developers of the completely new Fedora 4 codebase (to be released in late summer of 2014) will participate.