BoF P3 The Role of Publishers in Access to Data

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17 March 2014 1468 reads

The Role of Publishers in Access to Data - FRIDAY 28 MARCH - 1330-1500

Session plan: To discuss and get feedback on a set of recommendations for publishers to help advance data access.

Background: PLOS and the California Digital Library hosted a set of leaders in data stewardship issues to discuss the question, “What can publishers do to promote the work of libraries and IRs in advancing data access and availability?”. A diverse group of stakeholders were present, including repository heads, librarians, funders, infrastructure builders, program directors, developers, and researchers. The outcome of this meeting was a list of eight recommendations for publishers, available at this URL:

Outcome: Concrete action items for each of the eight recommendations for publishers.

Session Chairs: Carly Strasser & Jennifer Lin