GO FAIR - Enabling FAIR Data - Community Next Steps

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GO FAIR - Enabling FAIR Data - Community Next Steps

Collaborative session notes:

Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

The GO FAIR initiative contributes to and coordinates the coherent realisation of the FAIR principles. The vision of the initiative is the development and deployment of the global Internet of FAIR Data and Services (IFDS). The IFDS can be viewed as  a common environment for data-driven research and innovation around the world. To realize this vision, GO FAIR communities reuse, adjust or in some cases, create entirely new elements of the IFDS such that no wheels are reinvented and existing gems (organizations, technology) become integrated parts of the global environment.

The Enabling FAIR Data project includes a coalition of international leading publishers, repositories and infrastructure in the Earth, space and environmental sciences, led by the American Geophysical Union. The project moves into the implementation phase starting September 2018 having the FAIR Principles at its foundation. Clarity on guidelines to properly implement the FAIR Principles in a way also agreed upon by other communities contribute to not only the success of this project but to the accomplishment of the IFDS goals.

As RDA is a forum for discussing and working toward community-based solution proposals in all areas of research data and GO FAIR is more targeted at early implementation and testing of those solutions, we see complimentary roles for the two organizations and a possibility of synergetic activities. For this reason, we believe that the RDA is the ideal platform for establishing a GO FAIR Interest Group. This GO FAIR IG would be a discussion platform dedicated to the manifold issues associated with the practical and timely implementation of the IFDS.


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Meeting objectives

  • Provide an update on the outcomes of how to implement the FAIR Principles discussed in the Enabling FAIR Data project;

  • Discuss how these outcomes can be generalised and reused by other communities;

  • Present the GO FAIR initiative and its goals to support the implementation of the Internet of FAIR Data and Services by supporting different communities in achieving a common approach to implement the FAIR Principles;

  • Discuss the formation of an RDA IG on GO FAIR serving as a continuous forum for communities to discuss how to make their resources FAIR.

Meeting agenda

  • Meeting introduction

  • Introduction to GO FAIR

  • Guest speakers from the RDA community will present their work matching different aspects of FAIR and evaluate what are the missing elements

  • Introduction to the Enabling FAIR Data project, its outcomes and how they can be utilized by other efforts

  • Discussion of potential next steps and collaboration opportunities

  • Discussion on the objectives and composition of the intended GO FAIR IG


This meeting is aimed at those interested in realising the FAIR principles in a way that can accommodate existing and new solutions, across different domains, in a global network of FAIR data and services, in particular, those interested in the Enabling FAIR Data project.

Group chair serving as contact person: Shelley Stall and Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos and

Type of meeting: Working meeting