19 Nov 2018

RDA connecting people (also at airports!)

For most of us the easiest way to get to Gaborone was flying via Johannesburg. Before I set off for my first Africa travel I read a lot about travelling to Africa, especially about safety in South Africa, Botswana and neighbouring countries. Reviews, especially of the OR Tambo airport were very bad: luggage missing, lots of pick pockets, etc.

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18 Oct 2016

Why you should attend RDA plenaries!

By Tomasz Miksa - RDA EU Early Career Grant Winner– Vienna University of Technology

If you ever wondered what the RDA really is, whether you fit in there, and why would it make sense for you to participate in the plenary meeting, then you should keep on reading. In this blog post I will address these questions by discussing my experiences of the 8th RDA Plenary meeting in Denver.

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