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03 Jul 2023

RDA TIGER is pouncing along 

RDA TIGER is a project tasked with providing support services for the Working Groups (WGs) within the Research Data Alliance. It has now been six months since our consortium RDA kicked-off in Brussels, and it’s timely to give an overview of what we’ve been up to.

New Support for potential RDA Working Groups

The RDA TIGER Selection Committee has now approved the provision of Support Services for two potential new RDA WGs. These are:  ‘Policies on Research Software’ and ‘Data representation in chemistry and materials based on harmonised, FAIR terminologies and ontologies’. Once these have been approved by the RDA's Technical Advisory Board, they will be looking for interested members for the groups. We'll keep you informed as they progress. 

Did you know? RDA TIGER is already providing support to a number of pilot groups at different stages of the RDA WG life cycle, as part of a pilot stage to develop and improve  the services. Take a look at the existing ‘pilot’ groups RDA TIGER is working with to help them reach the WG stage or to support them with communications and output support. 

Submitted Deliverables: June was a busy month for the RDA TEAM, with seven new Deliverables now published. Here are some deliverable highlights: 

- The landscape is key: RDA TIGER will be able to provide new and ongoing WGs with a comprehensive knowledge base of the vast range of European and international open science activities. For example, what has been done on a particular subject, who is working in this area in the global landscape and who is interested in working in the area by joining the WG.  RDA is a large part of the Open Science landscape and the analysis mainly focuses on how to categorise the existing groups. This Deliverable summaries the priorities in the landscape where RDA TIGER will target first. Read the full report on Zenodo

- Outputs analysis: This is a technical deliverable that tackles how RDA can optimise its outputs. Can they be made more FAIR? Are they adequately described? What are the dependencies with other outputs?  RDA TIGER can support in this area by ensuring the RDA are correctly tagged and named. Read the full report on Zenodo.

- Service quality: One of the aims of RDA TIGER is to develop concrete services to streamline the running of the RDA Working Groups. As the services are new they need to be optimized at all stages. This Deliverable sets out the methodology for refining and improving the services. Read the full report on Zenodo.

Check out our TIGER Zenodo Community to see all our outputs!

Consider applying for our Facilitation Call

Do you have a good data sharing challenge? Do you have a community group to back this idea? Then our Open Call for RDA TIGER Support Services could be for you!

Want to find out more?

Attend our drop-in sessions over the summer and find out more about our services, and how RDA TIGER and Professor Pounce can help you! 

Can’t make the drop-in sessions? Watch the recording of our informational webinar!

And finally, if you plan to come to the RDA 21st Plenary at International Data Week in the lovely city of Salzburg, you can come and meet us there! Registration is now open here. 

It’s been a roar of a ride so far, thank you for reading and keep us on your TIGER radar!

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