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12 Mar 2019

Love to share data: RDA NL National Node at the Open Day on Open Science

On Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2019, an Open Day on Open Science was organized in the Netherlands. The gathering was held at DANS in the Hague, and co-hosted by OpenAIRE Advance, the KNAW Young Academy, the Netherlands PhD Network and the RDA NL National Node. Topics included open research data, Research Data Management (RDM), data archiving, and data reuse. There were about 110 attendees, mainly researchers and data professionals from universities and colleges in the Netherlands.

DANS director Peter Doorn kicked off the afternoon by presenting the various services that DANS has to offer to help researchers archive and share their research data. These services are: DataverseNL, for storing research data during research; EASY, an online archiving solution for data storage after research; NARCIS, the national science portal, which harvests metadata of research data as well as open access publications in the Netherlands; and Training and Consultancy in the field of RDM.

The presentation of the KNAW Young Academy, given by Rens van de Schoot (Utrecht University), focussed on data fabrication and transparent research steps.

On behalf of the Netherlands PhD Network, Rob van Gassel (Maastricht University) gave an interesting presentation on open science for young researchers, in which he also referred to Plan S and its impact on researchers. He indicated training and support requirements, and pointed to the need to reward researchers for open access publishing and to foster ‘data enthusiasm’ among young researchers.

Elly Dijk from DANS and OpenAIRE’s National Open Access Desk (NOAD) gave a presentation on OpenAIRE and the development of the European Open Science Cloud. She outlined the assistance that OpenAIRE can offer to researchers, repository managers and others. This is not restricted to the requirements of the European Commission with regard to open access publishing and the open data pilot. OpenAIRE also provides broader valuable support with regard to open access publications and open data. Typical examples are the webinars and online guides in the field of RDM. Both EASY and NARCIS are harvested by OpenAIRE, which means that OpenAIRE provides an overview of the entire Dutch scientific output.

Subsequently, there were presentations by seven researchers from various research institutes in the field of collecting and sharing research data. The day ended with a pub quiz.

Prior to the program and during breaks, the information market was crowded. Many people came to the RDA NL National Node stand to talk about the work of the RDA and exchange ideas and experiences. There were also stands dedicated to the DANS core services EASY, DataverseNL and NARCIS; national and international projects such as OpenAIRE, EOSCpilot, FAIRsFAIR and EOSChub; RDM training; and more. The bottom-up Open Science Community, in which several universities participate, was also represented.

More information, programme and slides from the Open Day on Open Science: Love to share data are available at:


Elly Dijk & Ricarda Braukmann

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