12 Jun 2019

Mixed access and licence values in repository records - UX challenge

On 22nd May 2019, members of the Jisc Open Research Hub team held a webinar in the UK which presented a set of design options around the assigning of more than one licence or access type to a repository deposit. The aim was to get feedback to help the design team decide which approach to develop. 

Although the webinar concentrated on the UX aspects on the solution for the Jisc Research Repository, the overall problem that is being addressed is an international one and has cropped up recently at workshops in the UK and overseas. 

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07 Jun 2017

FAIR in Practice

This blog is written by Bas Cordewener

Welcome to my first blog for Jisc. You may know me (Bas Cordewener) in the role of Coordinator of the Knowledge Exchange initiative but this time I write about a Jisc project  As responsible project manager I’d like to introduce a piece of work Jisc is currently undertaking on FAIR data under the title FAIR in practice.

FAIR principles

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