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04 Apr 2014

Early Career Researcher and Scientist support programme...A newcomers perspective to the RDA!

As a new PhD with the Irish Research Council (IRC), being invited to participate in the Research Data Alliance (RDA) 3rd plenary meeting was an opportunity to meet new people of varied disciplines and background’s from all around the world with a common vision, data alliance. Host infection and regenerative medicine are my research areas so I felt that my work was only loosely connected to the open access data theme of the RDA.

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02 Apr 2014

RDA Plenary III. BoF WG Big Data Infrastructure session 26/03/2014

BoF WG Big Data Infrastructure BDI

Wo Chang

RDA Plenary 3

Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Wednesday 26th March 2014, 15:30 – 17:00


By the time the session on Big Data Infrastructure (BDI) began at 15:30, every seat in the room was filled. As time went on, more and more delegates joined the session to hear Wo Chang and learn about the working group’s activities since the last plenary.

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02 Apr 2014

Experiences from the RDA 3rd Plenary

RDA 3rd Plenary at Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland


Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland, is the principal stadium for Gaelic football. On 26–28 March, 2014, the stadium’s conference center was the stadium for the RDA 3rd Plenary. I headed to the stadium to find out what the RDA Plenarys – and Gaelic football are all about.

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