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04 Feb 2019

Experiencing the International Data Week 2018 in Gaborone

Having participated in such an important and rich event as the International Data Week 2018 in Gaborone, composed of the 12th Research Data Alliance Meeting and the bi-annual international conference SciDataCon 2018, was both a privilege due to the obtained RDA’s Early Career Research Grant and an excellent opportunity to obtain more insights into the workings of the Research Data Alliance, as well as into other organizations that were responsible for the organization of th

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19 Dec 2018

Botswana… but that’s landlocked!

As an oceanographic data scientist when I said I am going to International Data Week and it is in Botswana tended to elicit a common response from my colleagues which would include “but that’s landlocked”. So why would an oceanographic data scientist go a meeting in a country lacking a coastline…?

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18 Dec 2018

The RDA 12th Plenary meeting in Gaborone: Insights for Training from Africa

It’s always been a privilege to attend the RDA meetings. Those that stand out are the 2nd RDA plenary in Washington where I had the first inkling that perhaps the solutions had more to do with people than technology; the RDA Plenary in Dublin where we realised we needed to run training for ECR’s that would eventually became the CODATA-RDA schools and where I first came across CODATA; SciDataCon 16 and the RDA Plenary in Denver with its focus on more academic papers.

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