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30 Apr 2019

Make RDA fair again

This year I attended the RDA Plenary #13 in Philadelphia as one of the experts supported by the RDA Europe project. With this article, I would like to take the chance to reflect upon my experience in Philadelphia, summarize in which ways the conference helped me into the understanding of data practices, and gain an international perspective from exchange of ideas, expertise, and socializing with worldwide counterparts etc. It has been a great experience.

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28 Apr 2019

A summary of the 13th RDA plenary in Philadelphia from the perspective of an expert grant awardee.

This is my second time attending an RDA plenary. The first time was in Tokyo 2016. The first plenary for me was as much about learning what the RDA was about as it was an exciting introduction to many new data management concepts as well as an opportunity to meet wonderful new people. I feel very luck to have been selected as a grant recipient for both occasions and am very grateful for the generosity of the RDA in providing me with this opportunity to be at the cutting-edge of Research data management processes and discussions.

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23 Apr 2019

Summary content of Agrisemantics WG (Breakout session RDA P13)

As an Early Career Interest Group membre, I was involved in a Working Group reporting process. It was my first experience with this mission and I hope that my participation was positive for all the WG agrisemantic members. For me, it was a great opportunity to be linked with RDA agricltural researchers and I hope new collaborative projects from my participation.

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23 Apr 2019

Highlights from RDA P13 from Anne Cambon-Thomsen, thanks to an expert grant to attend

RDA P13 in Philadelphia was excellently organised and many sessions, meeting opportunities and original kind of participation and interaction were offered.

I hereby would like to share some of my experiences there :

  1. A session from the interest group I am co-Chairing (SHARC)

  2. A session from a newly created group on ethics and social aspects of data science

  3. A BoF session on health data

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