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31 May 2019

RDA Engaging Researchers with Research Data: peeping through the team’s activities

The RDA project “Engaging Researchers with Research Data - What works?”, part of the Libraries for Research Rata Interest Group,  aims to collect information on data engagement activities undertaken by different stakeholders, to possibly identify patterns relevant to the type and size of organisations mapped to specific requirements and difficulties encountered in successfully running these activities.

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28 May 2019

The 13th RDA Plenary Meeting - or - A Tale about Responsibility

Responsibility is something everyone has to deal with every day. On one hand, responsibility means that there are organizational duties to carry out such as finishing projects in time or taking care of working resources. On the other hand, responsibility is always linked to power, as it means to control something and someone - or better expressed by a famous quote connected to the Spiderman comics: “with great power comes great responsibility”.

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21 May 2019

RDA Thirteenth Plenary: The Early Career Experience

As a researcher at the beginning of her career, the experience at the RDA 13th Plenary was fundamental to greater involvement in the dynamics of the research data management. With a background in Information Science and as a PhD student in Digital Media, it is a concern to involve the various aspects of information management with the new data management directives that emerge for science.

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02 May 2019

RDA 13: The Social and the Technical

There is no challenge in research data management that can be met exclusively with a technical approach. But, on the other hand, there is also no such challenge that can be solved without it. This is my take-away message from the 13th RDA plenary.

It is a common figure to separate social from technical aspects of the challenges we face in research data management. Oftentimes, they are even treated as antagonists:


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30 Apr 2019

Make RDA fair again

This year I attended the RDA Plenary #13 in Philadelphia as one of the experts supported by the RDA Europe project. With this article, I would like to take the chance to reflect upon my experience in Philadelphia, summarize in which ways the conference helped me into the understanding of data practices, and gain an international perspective from exchange of ideas, expertise, and socializing with worldwide counterparts etc. It has been a great experience.

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