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31 Jul 2019

The Greek effect in enhancing RDA outputs adoption

On July 3, the Greek RDA Node, Athena Research Centre (ARC), organised a Workshop on RDA Outputs and Adoption to inform the Greek scientific community about the outcomes of RDA group activities and to provide useful instructions on how these outcomes could be applied by them to improve existing services, tools and workflows. The workshop was held at ARC premises in Athens and was remotely available for everyone willing to participate. 

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18 Jun 2019

Reflecting on the Ethics of Data Infrastructures

 “We’re the bridge builders in the brave new world of data,” the president of RDA mentioned as part of her opening remarks.  If RDA community members are the bridge builders, it is important to be cognizant and aware of what is being built – by design – into these systems. The keynote at the RDA plenary 13, Dr. Julia Stoyanovich highlighted the multiple layers embedded in the increasingly popular discussion about the in-built biases in algorithms and machine learning. Is it that there is statistical bias in the model, societal bias in the data, or is it in fact the world is “incorrect”?

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