All you need to know about the forthcoming 14th RDA Plenary meeting

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All you need to know about the forthcoming 14th RDA Plenary meeting
11 Oct 2019

All you need to know about the forthcoming 14th RDA Plenary meeting

RDA Plenary 14th meeting: showcasing the impact of RDA community-driven global solutions to address local data challenges

Under the theme “Data Makes the Difference”, the 14th Plenary meeting of the Research Data Alliance will explore researchers’ abilities to use data in making a positive impact in the world’s complex challenges. Whether this is your first plenary meeting or you are an RDA expert, here is your guide through the Plenary in Helsinki. 

Plenary pathways: your guide through the rich diversity of RDA sessions. In order to enhance the plenary experience, highlight and propose convergences divergences participants may not have considered, the RDA Technical Advisory Board and the Organisational Advisory Board have identified seven pathways grouping RDA Working and Interest Group sessions at the different breakouts. The FAIR Agenda, Disciplinary Approaches, Underpinning infrastructure, Developing nation perspective, Data Management issues, Content issues, Skills/Human issues - explore them, find your group sessions and take an active part in them!

  • Plenary pathways
  • Early Careers and RDA: Early Careers are invited to attend a meeting on the 22nd of October, starting at 15:00, designed to highlight initiatives, organisations and resources that early careers can engage with when managing research data and taking the first steps towards Open Science. 


New to RDA? Come and ask all your questions at the Newcomers session. “I have met many newcomers who were excited about the RDA, but did not really know in what way they could engage with its activities. Where to start and what to do apart from signing up to a mailing list?” As Tomasz Miksa writes in his blog piece, these are some of the most common questions RDA newcomers ask (or are afraid to ask!). Throughout a dedicated session on Tuesday, 22 October current RDA members will introduce themselves and talk about their RDA experiences - the groups they belong to, what they like about RDA, what they find challenging, etc... All newcomers are invited to join the session and speak to them individually.

  • RDA for newcomers, Tuesday 22nd October starting at 17:15. If you have any specific questions or suggestions, please contact
  • Newcomers corner. Come and take a picture with us, ask RDA experts and Plenary organisers your questions. 


Discover  RDA data solutions for research domains during the Adoption session.  “With one million queries per day on its services in 2018 from all around the world, the Strasbourg astronomical Data Centre (CDS) has been developing value-added services widely used by the international astronomical community in its daily research work. Applying for the CoreTrustSeal certification, based on the RDA Repository Audit and Certification Catalogues recommendation was then a natural step to obtain an external recognition from outside the disciplinary context.” The case of CDS is one of the 75+ adoption cases of RDA Outputs spanning agriculture, climate, social sciences and humanities, engineering, health and sustainable development goals. Many of them turned out to be longer stories of adoption, where the benefits of RDA solutions for selected communities of practice are clearly stated and documented. The Adoption and Outputs session on 25th October will  give visibility to disciplinary approaches supported by RDA while providing a great way to network and speak to discipline-focused Working and Interest Group members, adopters of the RDA Recommendations and Outputs, and domain-specific Ambassadors. 

  • RDA Adoption, & Outputs Plenary Session, Friday 25th October starting at 14.00. All RDA members are invited to actively participate and showcase your adoption story
  • Adoption corner: come and visit the corner during the breaks. Tell us your adoption story in front of our camera and get recognised!
  • Meet RDA Ambassadors: RDA domain experts will be joining the session. This will be an excellent opportunity to get answers to your more in-depth questions about the RDA impact on your domain-specific areas


The Plenary Poster competition is back! Not to be missed, the RDA Poster Session takes place each day of the meeting during coffee breaks and during a reception being held the evening of 23 October at 18:00 in the Dipoli Building at Aalto University . There will be 80+ posters prominently displayed, allowing participants to view the accomplishments of our community and talk with members about their work.  Voting for the best poster will be opened to all attendees.



RDA 14th Plenary - Data Makes the Difference 

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RDA 14th Plenary is co-hosted by Research Data Alliance Finland, CSC - IT Centre for Science, Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, and Finnish Meteorological Institute and sponsored by Patterns, Springer Nature and Espoo (Bronze Contributors)