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Wheat Data Interoperability Recommendations


These recommendations have been prepared by members of the Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group (WG). The group is coordinated by members of the Wheat Initiative, a global initiative that aims to reinforce synergies between bread and durum wheat national and international research programmes to increase food security, nutritional value and safety while taking into account societal demands for sustainable and resilient agricultural production systems.

An earlier version of the endorsed guidelines is also available.

13 Apr 2015

Metadata Standards Catalog WG

Secretariat Liaison:
TAB Liaison: 
Gretchen Greene

The Metadata Standards Catalog (MSC) Working Group will produce a machine-actionable catalog of metadata standards submitted by all RDA WGs. The catalog system will have an end-user input form and an API for submission from other software. Similarly it will have a user interface for query/reporting and an API for software to query and retrieve suitable standards information. The MSC is a fundamental tool in any autonomic e-research fabric. This work builds on the outputs of the Metadata Standards Directory Working Group: both the Metadata Standards Directory (MSD) itself and the set of attendant use cases.

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ELIXIR Bridging Force IG

Recognised & Endorsed

Life sciences are increasingly more data intensive, resulting from improvements in large-scale gene sequencing and other “omics” techniques. There is need for large-scale sustainable data storage methods allowing secure and easy access to these complex data. Simultaneously, since life science research projects increasingly depend on more than one type of measurement, there is a need for integrating data of different types.

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