Stefaan De Mey

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14 Jan 2016

Stefaan De Mey

Dr. Stefaan De Mey is Eurisy’s Secretary General, responsible for Eurisy’s governance, permanent secretariat, and implementation of the Eurisy programmes including user support for uptake of satellite data and services, policy and operational research (2011-present).

Stefaan is a Member of advisory boards for FP7 projects related to promotion and user uptake of satellite services and data (DORIS_NET and GRAAL projects (Copernicus4Regions), GEONETCAB project, EOPOWER project, Sunrise project User Forum, S2G2M2 project)

He acts as Eurisy’s GEO principal alternate and Eurisy delegate in the UN Committee for the Peaceful Use of Outer Space.

Before Eurisy, Stefaan acquired 10 years experience in instrumentation development for research in microgravity, re-entry vehicle and launcher services, Earth Observation system for high altitude lightning and integration management function of the ESA payloads and experiments for the International Space Station.

As part of his international and multi-disciplinary research in biomedical engineering and hydrodynamics he published more than 30 publications in international scientific journals, conference proceedings and book chapters); reviewer for AJP, EJE.