Shahira Khair

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30 Mar 2022

Shahira Khair

Shahira Khair is a Data Curation Librarian with the University of Victoria Libraries, where she supports students and researchers in improving their data management practices and publishing their research data and code. She was recently seconded as a Senior Analyst supporting Research Data Management and Strategic Initiatives for the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, a new national organization supporting equitable access to digital tools and services for researchers across Canada. She has previously led a range of national projects intersecting libraries and support for research data management, while working with the Canadian Association of Research Libraries and the former Portage Network. She holds a Master of Science in Biology and a Master of Information Science, both from the University of Ottawa.

What is your history with the RDA and what impact has it had on you?

I joined RDA in 2017 after having had the opportunity to attend P10 in Montreal. At the time, I was relatively new to the world of open science and research data management, so it was a wonderful opportunity to learn and gain exposure to the international community. Since then I’ve had the chance to contribute to several RDA interest and working groups and have benefited so much from the knowledge and experiences of colleagues who all share a common interest and global perspective on enabling data sharing and reuse.


What do you feel you bring to the TAB and what is your experience so far in being a member?

I’ve only just joined the TAB in December, but so far it has been a great experience and the other TAB members have been very welcoming! I’m looking forward to learning more about the activities taking place across RDA (although I must admit that the breadth and scope of groups we support can sometimes seem overwhelming!) I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the TAB with a focus on outreach and community building, informed by my past experiences supporting various communities of practice in the library sector.