Minh Lê Role

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26 Oct 2015

Minh Lê Role

RDA OAB Member

Minh Lê Role, Marketing Director and Co-founder

Minh Lê has 20 years experience in the consumer electronic industry and is involved in Internet of things for the last 10 years, either in startups or in medium companies such as LaCie or Withings. He is now Marketing Director and co founder at Qivivo.

About Qivivo

Qivivo is an « energy savings provider » for individuals. Qivivo provides simple, efficient and friendly answers to the general public for him to be able to regain control of his comfort and heating bills. Qivivo has been selling his products since 2014 and knows an exponential growth ever since on the public and professional channels. Qivivo uses predictive algorithms and data analysis from the car industry which has been fitted to the building industry. These technologies have also interested Saint-Gobain who took a minority stake in Qivivo at the end of 2014.

Qivivo & RDA

Qivivo is interested to participate to RDA to understand and/or contribute to ensure a compatibility in exchanging data in the energy world. Mixing devices and services is a key element to develop new compelling value propositions for end consumers, providing standard APIs will be a key issue in accelerating this process.