Malcolm Wolski

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14 Jan 2014

Malcolm Wolski

RDA OAB Member

Director, eResearch Services and Scholarly Application Development, Information Services at Griffith University, Australia

Malcolm Wolski is the Director, eResearch Services and Scholarly Application Development, Information Services at Griffith University. He has particular responsibility for improving research data management practices, infrastructure, and collaborative solutions. Malcolm is a contributor nationally and internationally in the areas of information management and research data support.

He plays an active part in assisting research groups to: build information systems that manage the capture, collection and preservation of data; to develop collaboration and communication tools; and to use advanced information technology tools and techniques. He is responsible for managing a broad range of research support services including institutional repositories for publications and data, high performance computing, and other technologies relevant to research. He is a part of the senior leadership team providing library, information and IT services at Griffith University and he works closely with national service providers delivering IT infrastructure to Griffith researchers.


About Griffith University

Information Services is committed to the achievement of Griffith University’s vision, mission and strategic priorities. Its mission is to enable the creation, synthesis and dissemination of knowledge within a global information environment. This mission is realised through the application of internationally recognised specialist knowledge and expertise to improve the University’s outcomes and by delivering effective, efficient, responsive services, tailored to meet University priorities. The organisation delivers services across five campuses supporting 43,000 students (from 131 countries), 4,500 staff and a broad range of academic programs, from undergraduate to doctoral. The University is ranked in the top 5% of research institutions in the world. Information Services is organised under six leadership domains which reflect the University’s strategic imperatives. The domains are: Information Technology Services, Library and Learning Services, eResearch Services and Scholarly Application Development, Information Management, Enterprise Information Systems and  Information Technology Infrastructure.


Griffith University & RDA

The executive at Griffith University appreciate the importance of collaboration and sharing of information, both nationally and internationally, to improve research performance.  With this in mind the Information Services organisation is involved in a number of initiatives to improve data management practices. Joining the Research Data Alliance is a logical step to be involved in discussions and developments at the international level.