Laurel L. Haak

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14 Jan 2014

Laurel L. Haak

RDA OAB Member

Executive Director of ORCID

Laurel L. Haak (Laure), PhD, is the Executive Director of ORCID, a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to connecting research and researchers by providing a registry of unique and persistent personal identifiers.  Dr. Haak completed her PhD in neuroscience at Stanford University Medical School, and conducted postdoctoral research at the US National Institutes of Health. Prior to joining ORCID, she served as editor of Science Magazine’s NextWave Postdoc Network; program officer for the Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy at the US National Academies; and Chief Science Officer at Discovery Logic, a Thomson Reuters business, where she provided research policy expertise and managed development of research evaluation systems.



ORCID ( is an open, non-profit, international, and community-driven effort.  ORCID is a hub that connects researchers and research through the embedding of ORCID identifiers in key workflows, such as research profile maintenance, manuscript submissions, grant applications, and dataset deposits.  ORCID provides two core functions: (1) a registry to obtain a unique identifier and manage a record of activities, and (2) APIs that support system-to-system communication and authentication. ORCID makes its code available under an open source license, and posts an annual public data file under a CC0 waiver for free download.



Together, RDA and ORCID have an important contribution to make: linking data with the researchers who created it by coordinating efforts to adopt and manage interoperability of existing data exchange standards.