Juan Bicarregui

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31 May 2013

Juan Bicarregui

RDA OAB member - RDA OAB Co-Chair

Head of the Data Services division, Scientific Computing Department at STFC

Juan Bicarregui is Head of the Data Services division in the Scientific Computing Department at STFC. His division has responsibility for research and development of the data systems which handle much of the huge volume of scientific data which is produced by the STFC research facilities. Juan leads the PaNdata collaboration which is developing a shared computing infrastructure across all 13 major European Photon and Neutron laboratories. The current phase of the work is focusing on developing systems which will track the provenance of data through data analysis stages and deliver data collection systems which scale to the ever increasing data volumes produced by each new generation of instruments.
Juan has played a key role in formulating UK policy on opening up access to research outputs. He recently chaired a cross Research Council group which published the RCUK Joint Principles on Data. Juan is Vice Chair of the Alliance Permanent Access and a Director of the Digital Preservation Coalition. Juan is a member of the steering group setting up the Research Data Alliance.